New Calendars and Features for 2017-2018 - BRAND BETTER with Tru Art


New 2045 Horizontal 3-Months-in-View,
Add impact to the imprint for key markets with this popular 3-Month calendar. Place your message in any office or home.

new desk pads
8714C Work-Pro Multi Sheet calendar.

Multi sheet calendars are the ideal media to portray your unique message all year long. This new intermediate size is perfect for the smaller cubicles found in many work stations today.

milage chart
Direct Mail Custom Calendars Suitable for Mailing
. Targeted marketing at it's best. Most direct mail pieces are intended to deliver high impact for a very short time frame. Advertising calendars tell your story all year!

Daily Appointment
New Journal Books
9112 and 9116 Deluxe Hard Cover Journal Books - These Journal Books are substantial and built to keep important notes for years to come. Features heavy weight covers and 100 page ruled insert with advertiser’s logo on each page.

custom fundraiser 1225 Custom Fundraiser, An advertising calendar which provides a truly unique vehicle to remind each recipient about a cause that's worthy of support. It's utility value enhances the goals of the message all year long. Coins not included!

Promotinal Graphics
Introducing Banners, Signage, Wall Graphics, Window And Floor Graphics, Plastic Cards, Mouse Pads And Counter Mats

Reach people with dynamic messages where they live, work, shop and play.

Daily Appointment New Appointmet Calendars
1265 My Color-Filled Days - Coloring designs by Iowa Artist Jackie Livingston. This calendar stimulates the imagination and delivers a creative statement!. 1953 James Lockhart Wildlife Art - Masterful wildlife paintings by artist James Lockhart.

Daily Appointment James Lockhart Wildlife Art - In addition to the new appointment, the exquisite wildlife art by James Lockhart is faithfully reproduced in complimentary styles: 1994 James Lockhart Wildlife Art Executive 6-Sheet and the 1848 James Lockhart Wildlife Art desk calendar.

Daily Appointment
3091 Horizontal Year-In-View
, This large format planner is a most effective tool for keeping event details visible for all to see. It’s a ‘must-have’ for offices, factories and organizations. Features write-on/wipe-off surface and dry erase markers.

Daily Appointment New Desk Pads,
4500 The Designer Desk Pad
An elegant desk accessory that will deliver maximum exposure. 4445 My Color-Filled Days, High ad-recognition from recipients as they color designs each month. 4473 and 4478 Desk Record with ruled date-blocks.

Daily Appointment New Planners
5100A Student School Planner - Customize the pages of this planner to synchronize with personal class schedules. 7050 & 7055 Bicycle Activity Log - An important accessory for all who ride for pleasure, in clubs or competitively. Monthly pages for keeping records.

three-month-cal new desk pads milage chart Daily Appointment custom fundraiser Promotinal Graphics Daily Appointment Daily Appointment Daily Appointment Daily Appointment Daily Appointment