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Order Writing Information

Basic order information consists of: Quantity, Preferred ship date, Item number, Complete shipping address, Description, and Shipping instructions.

Submit all orders (new or repeat) with complete copy instructions, including printed or typewritten imprint copy, arranged to serve as a layout for composition. All imprints will be set based upon judgement of our typesetters to best fit the imprint area available. Typestyles on file will be used unless otherwise specified. Orders with special instructions may incur an additional charge. If copy is supplied electronically, please provide a hard copy with the order.

Faxed or e-mailed (pdf format) purchase orders will be accepted. Please do not send confirming orders. Tru Art sends acknowledgments of all orders to confirm prices and established ship dates.

No intermediate quantity pricing is available. Please use the next lower quantity price. All catalog prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, F.O.B. factory. All Tru Art products are made in the U.S.A.

Tru Art will determine “best way” to ship. Freight Prepaid will be added to your invoice unless specified differently.

Tru Art has negotiated discounted shipping rates and we pass on the discounts to our customers. Inside delivery must be specified on your purchase order. Variable timed shipments will be accepted with all shipments to be complete by the end of December. Please see "Split-Shipments" for applicable charges and billing information.

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Shipping Schedule

Production is scheduled on an individual basis for all items. If a specific deadline must be met it must be pre-approved by the factory.

Shipping options include UPS, FedEx, Parcel Post, several LTL carriers, and several overnight couriers. The customer may specify a delivery method. Otherwise, Tru Art will select the carrier with the best service/rate combination for your order. For certain requested shipping methods, including shipping using a distributor account number, a $10.00 (G) handling fee will apply.

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Drop Shipments

Drop shipment charge per different location after first for shipment to U.S. address: $5.00(G) each plus freight.

For International drop shipments the charge per location is $20.00 (G) plus freight. Special packaging charges may apply.

Split Shipments

Split shipments (varying quantities from the same order shipping on different dates) are available from Tru Art as long as the maximum time between the first and last shipment is no longer than 9 months and all shipments occur within the same calendar year of the order.

Tru Art will not hold customer inventory past December 31. The dates of each shipment must be supplied at the time of order and Tru Art will bill for the product and the freight at the time of each shipment. Split shipments require an additional handling charge of $25.00 (G) per shipment, including the first.


Service charge per order is $18.00 (G)

Art Retention Policy

To safeguard your customer’s imprint and to keep our files current, Tru Art will retain distributor artwork on file (hard copy or electronic) for no more than one calendar selling season following the year of the original order.

Artwork will be returned upon request to the distributor after completion of the order. Artwork on file is available to distributors for other projects. A processing/handling fee will apply. Contact Tru Art for details.

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Early Order Pricing

To qualify for early order pricing, orders must be post­marked no later than May 31 and factory-ready by July 15.

Factory-ready orders will be produced as submitted and stored free of charge in Tru Art’s warehouse until the requested ship date. If the order is not production ready by July 15th then late order price will apply.

Excess Copy

Refer to individual item descriptions for maximum lines of copy available. For extra lines of copy add $2.50 (G) each.

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Standard Imprint Colors

Standard colors are as listed for each item. Additional or specific colors are available upon request. Complete specifications, color swatch, or PMS number must be provided. See product pages for pricing.

Overruns or Underruns

Every attempt will be made to ship the quantity ordered. However, we reserve the right to ship an overrun or underrun as it occurs in accordance with accepted printing trade customs. An overrun or underrun of 5% or less is considered to be an acceptable trade practice. Your order will be invoiced accordingly. If exact quantity is required, add $50.00 (G).

Less Than Minimum

Unless otherwise noted the minimum order quantity is the 1st column shown with each item.


Expenses will be accumulated at time of cancellation and will be invoiced in full.

Overrun Sample Policy

If an overrun sample is required, please note on your purchase order and Tru Art will send upon completioan of production. (Shipping charges apply.)

Permission to use Copyrighted Logos or copy

The customer and distributor must warrant that the subject matter to be printed is not copyrighted by a third party. If the material is protected, such as national brand logos, the distributor must obtain permission to reproduce it. Tru Art may request documentation of permission to reproduce such materials.

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Tru Art Direct Mail Services

• Your mail will be routed through Tru Art’s postal permit.
• We will process your mail through the USPS network in a manner that is secure, accurately sorted, and well managed.
• Our software verifies deliverable addresses, updates addresses, sorts the mail in pre-sort order and generates delivery barcode.
• We filter-out undeliverable addresses to avoid waste and postage expenses.
• The USPS is provided with complete documentation to facilitate expedited postal handling.
• Other fees may apply depending on the nature of the mailing and if there are international addresses. Contact factory for details.

Typical Fees for BULK RATE or First Class Service Mailing are:
• List Certification, $75.00 (G)
• Mailing Administration, $75.00 (G)
• Bulk Mail Service, $0.64 (G) each, plus postage

Tru Art will review customer provided mailing list and advise if address corrections are required based on USPS software verification. Customer can make the changes and re-submit the mailing list.

If preferred, Tru Art can, upon request, provide the address research and corrections to the list submitted at a charge of $75.00 (G) per hour. An estimated cost for address research and list correction will be provided for prior approval. Tru Art will provide a copy of the corrected list for the customer.

Mailing Lists

The preferred format for providing lists for mailing is an Excel Spreadsheet file. The list should be arranged such that each field is separate in a spreadsheet cell. Contact Tru Art for additional information about the submission of mailing lists. The list shoud be arranged such that each field is separate in a spreadsheet cell, example:
| Company Name | Recipient Name | Address 1 | Address 2 | City | State | Zip Code |

Utilizing direct mail to distribute calendars substantially increases the effectiveness of the calendar advertising investment for your customers. Using Tru Art’s Direct Mail Operations Center makes selling and handling direct mail efficient, effective and easy for you and your buyer.

Note: Appropriate calendar packaging is required for mailing. See each product page for pricing & information. Tru Art can not guarantee that all products can be mailed.

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Tru Art® works only through authorized promotional products distributors and can be contacted through industry membership numbers:
PPAI 113720 • SAGE 56130 • ASI 92255 • UPIC TRUART