- Artwork Specifications -

An electronic or mechanical artwork file is considered “artwork ready” when the artwork is created and delivered so that Tru Art® can use it for prepress and printing without the need for modifications that would incur extra charges or cause delays.

A "raster Image" file (grayscale or color file) needs to be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at the finished imprint size. I.E., an image to be printed at 2" wide x 1" high needs to be 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall.

Raster images for color reproduction should be in CMYK (Process) color space at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for the finished imprint size. We will convert RGB images to CMYK but be aware that some color-shifting will occur with some colors. Oranges and greens may be the most noticeable in any color changes and this is unavoidable.

"Vector" art (or eps files) should also be supplied with colors designated with PMS color specifications and/or in the CMYK process color space. RGB colors designated within vector art may incur extra charges. Fonts must be embedded within the final "eps" file and/or the type must be "outlined". Any color images embedded within the eps file must also be in CMYK color and be at a resolution of 300 dpi at the the final print size.

Tru Art will determine whether the art is “ready” for production and the distributor will be notified if the included artwork is not acceptable. Costs to clean up or remake art will be billed to the distributor.

Artwork files should be accompanied with a printed proof or its electronic equivalent, which communicates the desired result. Electronic art submitted without this verification will incur a proof charge. Emails containing artwork should reference the distributor name, project name, purchase order number, and Tru Art’s order number (if available).

Most artwork shown on internet web sites is meant for on-screen viewing which has a very low resolution. Tru Art® cannot accept these images as artwork for imprinting purposes.

For additional information on the specific reproduction capabilities contact the factory for Tru Art’s “Electronic Artwork Submission Sheet.” We can also accept artwork via FTP or email. We have the following software to manipulate your files:

Illustrator®, Photoshop®, CorelDRAW®

Page Layout:
InDesign® (Preferred), QuarkXpress®, Microsoft Publisher

Note, the distributor is responsible for making sure electronic files are complete. Incomplete files may delay shipment.

Any scans provided on disk must be properly prepared for graphic arts reproduction on paper. Contact the factory for more information.

- Proofs -

Fax/Photocopy Proof of ad copy only: $12.00 (G)
Electronic Proof of ad copy only: $12.00 (G)
Digital Dylux Proof: $45.00 (G)
Digital Integris Proof: $60.00 (G)
Press Proof (Stock Line): $200.00 (G)
Press Proof (Custom Line): By Quotation

Alterations and corrections needed/requested on customer provided files will be invoiced.

Please note electronic proofs are not sufficient for final proof approval on custom projects.

To ensure quality, all proofs must be returned to the factory before production can begin.

Spec Samples

Tru Art is capable of making spec samples for your selling efforts. Qualified accounts preferred. Contact the factory for cost and availability.

Overrun Sample Policy:

If an overrun sample is required, please note on your purchase order and Tru Art will send upon completion of production (shipping charges apply).

CPSI Act of 2008:

Please Note: Pursuant to the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008", if any custom product is to be used or distributed primarily by children 12 years of age or under, "source information" must be printed on the product. If this is the case, you must notify Tru Art. Tru Art will print the information on the product at no extra charge.

- Definition of Terms -

Production-Ready Art:

Any artwork or printed material with very high black and white contrast that needs no further touch-up, design, or rearranging before use as ad copy.


The reproduction of a continuous tone artwork (such as a photograph) done by filtering light through a screen that converts the image into dots of varying size.

4-Color Process:

The reproduction of full-color artwork with the combination of halftone dots of 4 process ink colors: magenta, cyan, yellow, and black.

Phantom / Ghost Imprint:

A transparent image (ghost) superimposed over a calendar pad.

Digital Dylux/Blueline Proof:

Paper proof in offset lithography in which the printing areas show in color. These proofs are made directly from the digital file that will be used to make press plates. Please review carefully for content, layout and positioning, spelling, etc.

Digital Integris Proof:

A digital color proof showing close approximation of the imprint colors and detail that will be reproduced on the actual printed calendars. Please review for image clarity and coloration.

Press Proof:

A complete production sample with the customer’s imprint included as it will appear on the actual printed calendars. Contact factory for costs.

Tru Art® works only through authorized promotional products distributors and can be contacted through industry membership numbers:
PPAI 113720 • SAGE 56130 • ASI 92255 • UPIC TRUART