Reasons to Choose Tru Art® Advertising Calendars:

We Have Experience

Throughout our 121 year history, the Tru Art staff has gained valuable experience and knowledge about the printing industry. Our expertise helps to assure a quality product that achieves your desired results.

Our Customers Believe We Are Among the Best

A recent survey proved that product quality is the primary reason distributors select a calendar supplier. Tru Art was rated 9 out of 10 for product quality. Tru Art has been ranked highest for custom capabilities and friendly service.

We Can Do it All

From design and color separations to printing and finishing, all aspects of production are in-house and controlled by you and your Tru Art production team.

Tru Art Has Superior Capabilities

Tru Art can design and manufacture calendars to your customer's exact specifications.

Tru Art Will Store Your Calendars

Customers can place their orders early and Tru Art will produce and store the calendars for later shipment.

Our Distributors are Important to us

Tru Art has maintained a selective distributor policy, which is a definite advantage for our customers. Serving a target market allows our established distributors to have a quasi-exclusive product line at their fingertips. This quasi-exclusiveness often equates to more sales and higher profit margins for our distributors as they are less likely to find themselves in bid situations against other distributors selling our products.

There is little to no waste with a calendar advertising program. They are mailed or handed to only those individuals to whom the advertiser chooses.

The History of Tru Art® Advertising Calendars

SWMercerIn 1895, Samuel W. Mercer, the founder of Tru Art® Advertising Calendars, moved to Iowa from Ohio and purchased a newspaper, The Iowa State Press. 1896, he began printing advertising calendars. The newspaper was sold in 1904, and the newly incorporated company focused exclusively on advertising products and printing. It was not long before advertising calendars became the cornerstone of the business. Tru Art quickly gained national presence and the company and product line has been evolving ever since.

Since its founding, Tru Art has had several trials and triumphs. The company prospered and grew until the start of World War I. Like many companies of the day, Tru Art struggled with material shortages and it struggled to maintain a skilled work force. In addition to these difficulties brought on by the war, Tru Art's second president, Willis W. Mercer was called into active military service.Presidents

After the war, Tru Art began to prosper once again. New press equipment was purchased, the company moved into a new facility, and Tru Art added a side business of printing college yearbooks. (Yearbooks were printed until the early 1970's).

In 1929, the stock market crash slowed business as many of Tru Art's customers were forced to close and reorganize. Thousands of finished goods were dumped because the customers no longer existed. Thankfully, Tru Art was well capitalized and was able to survive through the depression.

OldPlantTru Art entered the 1940's well established as a calendar supplier producing both home and commercial style calendars. World War II brought with it a new set of challenges. However, this war was different from World War I. Workers were again in short supply, but not to the extent that they were during World War I. Twelve of Tru Art's employees proudly served in the armed forces.

Direct descendants of the founder continued to produce quality "stock line" products and they embraced technological advancements so as to remain competitive in the printing industry. During the 1970's, Tru Art expanded its capabilities to produce custom color calendars. In the 1980's, the company reinvested earnings into new machinery and it quickly outgrew the facility it had occupied since 1923.

aBuildingIn 1986, Tru Art Advertising Calendars moved into its present facility, a 60,000 square foot, climate controlled, precast concrete and steel building. In addition to occupying a modern facility, Tru Art uses the newest technology when producing calendars. Moreover, all of Tru Art's major equipment was purchased within the past ten years.

Currently, Tru Art® Advertising Calendars works with over 1,500 promotional product distributors and uses a fully capable digital pre-press department, six color and five color sheet-fed offset and two-color web presses, and a complete bindery to manufacture its products. An outstanding staff and state-of-the-art equipment work to produce high quality, personalized calendars that are shipped around the globe year after year.

Tru Art® works only through authorized promotional products distributors and can be contacted through industry membership numbers:
PPAI 113720 • SAGE 56130 • ASI 92255 • UPIC TRUART